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Motorised (Automated) Blinds

Home of the future with automated blinds or curtains

Now imagine simply being able to press a button on your remote control and operating all your window furnishings from the comfort of your lounge. This motorised (automation) system puts you in control and provides a much-desired flexibility that is simply not available with a manual system.

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Matching your interior window coverings to your home's decor means you can add texture, colour and style whilst managing heat and glare. In addition you will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

With a range of styles and fabrics to choose from there's certain to be a solution to meet your needs.

5 Year Warranty.

5 Year Warranty

All of the products are synonymous with innovation, excellent quality, safety and durability. Each product is extensively tested to ensure it conforms with national and international standards before it leaves the factory. All motors, controls and sensors carry a 5 year warranty.

The benefits of automated motorised blinds & curtains include:

Greater Convenience:
Enjoy the experience!
You can create the ambience to match your mood with the simple push of a button. No more hard to manage chains or cords that always seem to get tangled, which also means it is safer with young children around.

Energy Efficiency:
Automated blinds and curtains can all help to reduce your energy costs. In summer they can maximize shade and sun protection to keep you cool but then in winter let the sun come in for natural warmth and light!

Longer Lives:
The smooth operation of the motors means your blinds and curtains are never mistreated. There's no chains or cords to get damaged or broken.

Quiet and Discreet:
Somfy's world leading motors are hidden away inside your blind or behind your curtain. There are no bulky boxes and all you will see are the stylish and easy to use Somfy controls.

Remote Controls

Our remote controls have been designed with flair and come in a range of colours to suit every decor!

Motorised Automated Blinds remotes also come with a convenient and discreet wall mount, meaning you will always be able to find your remote when you want it.

RTS motors all feature a favourite position, allowing you to easily stop your blinds or curtains in the same position time after time. Setting your favourite position is easy and once done simply press the 'MY' button on your remote control.

With a range of 200 meters in open space or around 20 meters through two reinforced concrete walls, you can operate your motor from anywhere in the home.

For your convenience Telis remotes come with either 1 or 5 channels and for ultimate control the Telis 16 RTS and Telis 6 Chronis with easy to use LCD screens.

With its revolutionary scrolling thumb wheel, Telis Modulis makes adjusting the angle of the blades on your Venetian blinds child's play.

With it's easy to read LCD display and intuitive control options Telis 16 RTS gives you control of up to 16 individual motors or groups of motors. Telis 16 also has Solaris functionality allowing control over sun sensors.

Motorised Blinds Remotes

Motorised Sensors


With these innovative range of sensors you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Our indoor sun and temperature sensors will close the blinds and curtains when the sun or temperature reaches a pre-set level. As soon as the sun disappears the blinds and curtains will open. It's intelligent shade for your home!!

Thermosunis Indoor WireFree RTS
Thermosunis Indoor is a small and discreet battery powered sensor that offers two functions, control by light level or control by light level and temperature. It is compatible will all Somfy RTS motors and receivers.

Chronis RTS
Chronis RTS is a 7-day programmable timer giving one up and one down command per day. Ideal as a master control Chronis also features a security mode to simulate presence in the home.

Wireless Wall Sensors

There is also a range of wireless wall controllers.

Ideal for common areas they can also be used as a master switch, controlling a number of blinds or curtains from a central location.

Sleek and slim line styling is the signature of the Situo.

Centralis RTS
Centralis RTS is a single channel wireless wall switch designed in the classic Inteo style.

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