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Magnetic Outdoor Blinds

Designed for controlling natural light, heat and solar energy from harsh external climates.

Our external blinds allow you to extend outdoor living areas, providing comfort and insulation.

Blinds All Types bracket and base fit features are one system covering many installation combinations. Slim and compact base fittings, multiple adjustment and hold down features, linking options, superior cable tensioning system, optional head box and simplified installation.

External systems reduce the suns heat by 90%. An ideal choice for commercial and residential applications.

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Outdoor Blinds System

Outdoor Blinds System

Components are made from quality materials, stainless steel, glass filled nylon and extruded aluminium. Attention to detail also goes into our roller tubes enabling wider width and longer drop blinds, our high performance extrusions ensure confidence with large blinds.

Drop Blinds

Open brackets are designed to add style, beautifully finished in premium stainless steel.

In addition these Outdoor Blinds is capable of spanning width 5.7 metres and drops up to 4 meters. The blinds cable guide system is designed to simplify installation as well as provide a well refined quality product.

Outdoor Blinds System

Magnetic Hold

Magnetic system enhances the weight of the base rail with each module adding 12kg of extra holddown, helping to keep the fabric straighter in breezes. As a breeze strengthens the magnetic modules will release and automatically reconnect once the breeze subsides. This outdoor blinds is a great option for motorised systems with wind sensors. In the case of stronger breezes and gusts the blind can automatically raise without the need to undo clumsy clips or straps.

External Blinds System

Magnetic Lock
Magnetic Designed Blinds