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Sunscreen Patio Blinds

Think outside the box when decorating your home.

Get that modern contemporary look for your outdoor living space with Outdoor Patio Blinds. The hi-tech material manages heat & glare on your patio & other outdoor spaces while still maintaining your special view.

Sheerweave 4500 | Sheerweave 4650

We use a unique material named Sheerweave, for Outdoor Patio Blinds . They are designed in a wide range of colours, suitable for any patio!

With this uniwque material, blinds can be closed whilst keeping your view, with no need for unsightly plastic windows.

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Use your patio all year round...

Sheerweave patio blinds will block wind and approximately 85% of rain giving you all year round use of your patio.Sheerweave material also have the benefit of protecting your outdoor furniture making for a comfortable additional outside area normally not utilised properly.

Sheerweave Suntex and Soltis materials can be used,all offering different reflecting and blocking properties.Various colours available blinds can also be motorised.

Please ask about our new Suntex material. This very durable material for outdoor comes with a 5 Year Guarantee!

Shearweave Technical Information:

With a whisper of light & colour, sunscreen blinds are the perfect complement to any interior and exterior decor.


Key Points:

  • Choice of colours to match your decor
  • Allow control of heat and light while maintaining your view
  • Blind can be Motorized
  • Fabric is durable
  • Flame Retardant
  • Has Bacteria / Fungal Resistant
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Sleek contemporary style
  • Adds a subtle texture
  • Manages the sun's heat & glare
  • Help control solar heat build up for a comfortable environment
  • Total privacy from the outside, Full view from the inside

Sheerweave 4500

Average openness 5%

Using advances in polyester yarn development, Styles 4500 is thinner and lighter weight, allowing for ease of fabrication. 4500 is a full basketweaves, making it ideal for applications that require a more opaque and non-directional fabric. Style 4500 can also be used exterior roller shades.

Solar Optical Properties:
Fabrics installed internally thirty-degree profile angle

Style No. Colour Solar Optical Properties
Ts Rs As Tv
Shading Coefficient
3mmCL 6mmCL
P06 White
12 74 14 11
0.26 0.27
P76 White Linen
13 62 25 13
0.35 0.35
P82 White Grey
10 49 41 11
0.44 0.43
P83 White Stone
12 61 27 12
0.36 0.36
QA3 Linen
10 47 43 11
0.45 0.44
V73 Grey
  8 29 63 10
0.57 0.55
V75 Charcoal Bronze
  7   5 88   9
0.73 0.70

Sheerweave 4650

Average openness 3%

Using thin polyester yarns and a unique twill weave, Style 4650 is easy to fabricate and offers a distinct two-sided appearance that maximizes both visibility and solar heat reduction. Style 4650 can also be used in exterior roller shades.

Solar Optical Properties:
Fabrics installed internally thirty-degree profile angle

Style No. Colour Solar Optical Properties
Ts Rs As Tv
Shading Coefficient
3mmCL 6mmCL
P10 Granite
  6 55 39   8
0.39 0.36
P65 Linen
  7 58 35   8
0.37 0.35
V47 Chestnut
  7 48 45   8
0.44 0.40

More exterior blind ranges.

Outdoor Roller Blind and Fold arm & drop arm blind.

Get a modern alternative for your Patio Area! Avoid normal blinds with the usual unsightly plastic windows and second rate fabric.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor Roller Blinds are made from the finest of materials, providing ultimate protection from the sun and UV rays but also with the flexibility of rolling them away when not needed.

Interested in Outdoor Roller Blinds?

Outdoor Roller Blinds

Fold Arm & Drop Arm Blinds

Drop Arm Blinds
Drop Arm blinds are a great solution for windows and doorways, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are fitted externally around a window frame and are made up of a retractable blind made from canvas or mesh fabric (depending on your choice)
and attached to a frame with arms that pivot half way down the window.

Drop Arm Blinds

Fold Arm Blinds
Fold Arm blinds are ideal cover for patio's, decks, balconies or commercial applications, fold arm blinds creates an outdoor room that protects against the sun or light rain. They fold away horizontally which means the folding arms protrude out from the wall, so one is able to walk underneath the blind without walking into the arms and no intrusive posts.

Fold Arm & Drop Arm Blinds