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Decorative Screens

Laser cut decorative panels & screens are fast becoming the most sort after decorative pieces

Gaining popularity for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

Laser cut decorative screens are commonly referred to as "architectural screens" or decorative screens. However, they are the same. We use the terminology "Decorative Screens" as it fits in very well with our overall professional theme.

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Custom Garden Decorative Screens

Our Decorative Screens & Panels are manufactured from metal and cut using laser technology to ensure precision of the design. They come in various powder coated colours and designs and you have the option to express your artistic aptitude by creating your own piece art for your home.

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Some Features

Laser cut decorative panels and screens may be used as wall art, room dividers, a kick plate in front of a bar, feature panel in a garden or lounge with night lighting or LED lights. They can also be integrated into perimeter walls and gates in place of traditional steelwork.

They are affordable, appealing, practical and an easy way to radiate your unique style design. Your surroundings play a pivotal role in happiness, health and inspiration, so why not add to additional beauty and ambiance to your environment, contact us for a quotation or 011 972 2271.

We would be happy to assist you in realising your décor aspirations. Below are pictures of our recent installations.

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Alone Standing Decorative Screen