With our SheerWeave technology you can enjoy the sheer elegance that our fabrics provide for your interior. The light filtering qualities of SheerWeave fabric help diffuse light, reduce glare and control solar heat to make any room a more comfortable enviroment.

Easy to operate roller blinds are the ultimate functional blind. A wide range of fabrics and textures ensures a match for any decor.

The Roller Blind is simple in design, stylish and easy to operate. It can be rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading.

Easy to operate they are the ultimate functional blind. A wide range of fabrics and textures ensures a match for any decor.

With such a wide range of roller blinds you can match any decor, whether it is one of our urban designs for your living room or a blockout fabric for your bedroom.

Personalise your roller with a choice of accessories including; scallops, decorative tassels, decorative poles with finials, flowers, braids or a Half Round Valance and co-ordinate with your interior design scheme.

Key Points:

  • Choice of transparent, translucent or block out fabrics
  • High degree of customization with scallops etc.
  • 85 different fabrics available
  • Blind can be motorized
  • 2 Year warranty


  • Easy to operate
  • Simple & stylish
  • Wide range of fabrics & textures

Screen roller blinds

Screen roller blinds or as beautiful as they are practical. The woven fabric allows a view to the outside while effectively controlling heat and glare. make your choice from the wide variety of fashionable colours use a tight woven one percent open to control maximum clear or use a 10% open fabric to maximise your view.

Benefits of Screen roller blinds

  • Modern and versatile
  • Control heat and glare
  • Maintain your view
  • Choice of 1% 3% 5% and 10% fabric openness
  • Wide range of colours

Blockout roller blinds

A blockout roller blind is perfect for any area where you require full light or privacy control. Available in a wide range of colours and textures, that Blind hardware is also available in a choice of four colours. the blackout roller blind features durable practicality with decorative style.

Benefits of blackout roller blinds

  • Blackout light
  • Full privacy
  • Extensive, colour range
  • Choice of fabric fixtures
  • A wide selection of easy to clean fabrics

Light filter roller blinds

A light filtering roller blind features a fabric that provides a degree of privacy while still allowing you to harness your natural light for a room.The light filtering blind is a great way to add texture to a room as the combination of the wave accentuate by the light at depth to your decor.

Benefits of light filter roller blinds

  • Gently filter the light
  • Control privacy
  • Introduce natural light to the room
  • Reduce the need for artificial light
The Side-Control Roller Blind Systems were developed to provide excellent performance over a wide range of window blind sizes, fabric weights and fabric thicknesses.


The manufacturing process does not involve the use of adhesives or sewing and always produces a clean and proffesional finish to the blind.

The three systems are designed for progressively larger and heavier blinds and the diameters of the sprockets for the control chains increase accordingly to enable larger blinds to be operated with the minimum physical effort.

Side-Control roller tubes and bottom bars are designed with patented, longitudinal fabric fixing slots of varying widths. The manufacturing method used ensures that the fabric will remain firmly attached to the roller and will not become detached in normal use. The varying widths of the slots allow fabrics of various thicknesses to be accommodated easily. An added benefit of the slots is that they increase the rigidity of the tubes, enabling blinds to span wider openings without the risk of the tubes 'whipping' when the blind is operated.

Our patented, safety-first end cap locking system prevents the blind from coming out of its brackets if the blind is operated incorrectly. These end sets have mounting brackets which are truly 'universal'. They can be top, face or side fixed and can be used for blinds with left hand or right hand controls. The ease of instantly switching end sets from one end of the roller to the other is an added benefit; plus the problems of having blinds supplied with the controls on the wrong side -or with the wrong brackets -are overcome.

General Applications
Side-Control Systems 40, 40+ and 55 are suitable for use in any roller blind installation where reliability, operator ease of use and minimum maintenance requirements are a prerequisite.

Side-Control Roller Blind Systems are made in corrosion resistant plastic, aluminium and optionally powder coated steel and are expected to prevent any problems if used under normal circumstances in non-corrosive environments. The methods of construction minimise damage caused by operator misuse. Any damage which may occur can normally be rectified easily on site.

Louvolite SC Series roller shade systems are designed to provide effective and efficient control of light heat and glare in large and small scale commercial and domestic installations.


The mechanisms are designed for longevity with components manufactured using prime grade engineering thermoplastics in combination with aluminium, steel and stainless steel parts.

To satisfy most window types and the variety of window blind fabrics available, the Louvolite SC Series comes in a choice of models. Units feature higher drive ratios and spring assisted operation to reduce the pull force on large or heavy blinds. A selection of aluminium roller tubes have been designed specifically to integrate with the SC Series operating systems for optimal performance and minimal deflection.

Manually operated systems use a metal or plastic ball chain for operation. This is available in a variety of colours and finishes.

The Louvolite SC Series can be motorised and also used in combination with other shading products or in conjunction with heating/ventilation systems operated via computer controlled building management programmes.

The Louvolite SC Series offers a multiple shade option with either individual or a single common manual or motorised drive. This allows shading of exceptionally large glass areas.

Duo link operation

The SC Series Duo Link operating system allows two blinds to have fully independent operation whilst sharing a common centre support bracket. Such a combination can prove of use when covering a large glass area and with the need to negate tube deflection, whilst minimising between blinds. In addition, such installations offer the opportunity of covering two openings of different drops with a shared intermediate bracket.

Multi link operation

The SC Series Multi Link operating system allows multiple blinds to be joined together with a shared single control mechanism. This facilitates one action being required to raise or lower the blinds simultaneously. The capacity of the lifting mechanism is dependent upon the performance rating of the operating unit.

The multi link mechanism also allows multiple blinds to be driven by a simple powered drive.

Power drive options

The Louvolite SC Series operating system can be used in conjunction with Somfy Power Drive systems either as individual blinds or as part of a building management control system. You can discuss these options with us here at blinds all types.


roller blinds systems

All component parts and fabric are enclosed within a rounded fascia resulting in a compact, robust system with a streamlined appearance, fast, multiple installations can be achieved using brackets that can be fitted along the whole length of the cassette. The snap fix fascia can be plain white or matching fabric profile.

With brackets manufactured from heavy gauge stove enamelled steel and facsia from aluminium, these units serve to house the roller shade and operating system. The use of cassette or facia systems can allow window blinds to integrate more easily into particular installations or to effect the desired aesthetic impact.

Back Bar Mounting Plate/ brackets
With brackets manufactured from heavy gauge stove enamelled steel and facsia from aluminium, these units serve to house the roller shade and operating system. The use of cassette or facia systems can allow window blinds to integrate more easily into particular installations or to effect the desired aesthetic impact.

Stove enamelled finish to galvanised steel. The mounting brackets are designed to allow top or face fix installations. The bracket design enables quick and simple installation whilst minimising the light gap between the blind and any recess.

Brackets sizes are appropriate to each system and tube size -extension brackets are available if required. Brackets are colour keyed to operating system colour.

Covers for the mounting brackets are available to suit each size.

Spring Assist Units
The SC Series Spring Assist units enable large, heavy blinds to be operated more easily reducing the effort required by the operator. The springs fit neatly into the operating system and are totally hidden from view.

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